This is my happy thoughts (#1) list.

The quote below is from President Nelson from a devotional I had the opportunity to watch on Sunday! (it’s handmade, contact me to buy a PDF version! I’m *crossing fingers* that I’ll be able to get an Etsy shop up and running soon….but until then….we wait.)


finals are over // end of term is on Friday // four day weekend // college acceptance letters + emails // BYU volleyball game date // blogging // making prints (if you’d like a print of any of the handmade quotes, email me here.) // the YSA devotional on Sunday that was SO GOOD // temple trips // journal entries // deep talks // BYU creamery ice-cream // follies parties w/ Christie // Dad’s birthday + yummy birthday dinner // “Inside Out” // “Cinderella” //

life is so good.


Like I said above, one of my “happy thoughts” is going on temple trips. I hadn’t been to the temple in awhile when I got invited to go with a group of friends last Tuesday! I literally felt so much happiness! I was able to understand completely be patient while trying to understand AP Calculus. President Nelson mentioned in the devotional that we need to be spending more time in holy places. I’m taking that to heart and trying to make it to the temple once a week. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂 Anyways, something that I’ve learned lately is it’s all about your attitude. If I want to have a happy life, I’m the one who needs to MAKE it happy. Yup. Happiness comes when you decide to make the most of your situation. 🙂


kaylee jo

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