Hi, my name is Kaylee and I love hand-lettering. Like, I LOVE it. If there’s spare space in a notebook, you may just be in luck (of finding my doodles 😉 ).image

I started a new Instagram account specifically for my “blog-y” stuff that I want to post often. So. Give it a follow! It’s @hellokayleejo. Let’s be friends, yeah?!

Recently I got to work on a few lettering series (because, HELLO. College is around the corner, and I need to decorate those bare, bare walls. The problem is, I have WAYYY too many ideas for decorations. So. Babysteps, Kaylee. Babysteps.). The one right below is the “Kind Heart, Sweet Spirit, + Gentle Soul” series. Which, yes. Is very self-explanatory.


Next up, “The Help” series. You guys, I cry when I watch that movie. You know the part at the very end where the little girl starts crying? (I think??? It’s been a looong time since I’ve watched that movie…) Yeah. That part. Also, I highly suggest watching the movie. It’s very good! I actually would recommend it over the book (say WHAAAAT???). Yes. You heard me right.


And lastly, the “There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” series. Which (fun fact) was the first out of all of these series to be created!


Oh! and did I mention?! YOU CAN EMAIL ME TO PURCHASE PRINTS! Because hey, sometimes you’re still getting used to the whole “adulting” part of life so it takes awhile to get an Etsy account up and running..ha…ha…ha.

So, there you go. One of the first batches of my homemade handmade prints (say that 3x fast).

Also, if you want to be updated on when I post, pretty please subscribe to this blog. Pretty pretty please. It’s not that hard. You just enter in your email + click the “subscribe” button. 🙂


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