“Happy Thoughts (#4)”. Let’s get started, yeah?!



starting my new Insta account: @hellokayleejo // having approx. 36 days of actual school left (excluding Spring Break when college classes still go full force 🙁 ) // BUT, only 57 TOTAL DAYS, PEOPLE // Easter Sunday // mini Cadbury eggs (YU-UM) // a “how to do curly hair” party // meeting some of my future roommates over Instagram (!!!) // our Seminary lesson today. You guys. It was SO GOOD! // cookies. lots of them. // last book in “Work + The Glory” series // “The Game Plan” (haha…@drea, @syd, @tia, @dk) // getting new brush pens // Hobby Lobby w/ B for almost 2 hours (yeah….I know…..but I like crafts, so it’s ok) // Strawberry Blonde ice cream @ Coldstone // more and more rain // tiny victories //


kaylee jo

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