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5 things you (probably) don’t know about me:

1. I HAVE to sleep with fuzzy socks on. Like, I can’t sleep without them. Like, I wake up in the night if one of them falls off. (haha)

2. I love grilled cheese. And real butter. And whole wheat bread with seeds. AND zebra cheese (zebra cheese = colby jack). So, put them all together and (wa lah!) yumminess. Oh. PLUS, add some avocado and….wow. YUM. (p.s. what’s your favorite thing to put on grilled cheese?)

3. When I grow up, I *will* have white walls. I love white + brightness + light.

4. I think cleaning is therapeutic. It calms me down if I’m stressed. I like clean, organized places. For instance, at the end of the school year, we all know how messy a backpack can be. But typically we don’t do anything about it because, well, it’s the end of the year. Well, (probably a month ago? Maybe?) I wasn’t getting my homework done in AP Calculus + I sat down and organized all of my math homework in one of those accordion binders….guess what? I started getting my work done : ) Have I made my point? I love clean + organized places + things. They help me to be productive.

5. My least favorite chore would be taking out the trash…or maybe vacuuming/cleaning the suburban…I don’t know. I would much rather clean the bathroom or something.

Tell me about YOU! What are 5 things I don’t know about you?


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