The day came.


You know, the one we’ve all been waiting for.


And it was oh. so. good. I’m so so grateful right about now. I’m grateful for my family, friends, and teachers who have helped me on this 12+ year journey. It’s been full of laughter, being with family, smiling, singing, crying, sleepless nights, sack lunches, homework, hanging out with friends, getting ready for stake dances (haha @oliviasnow), school dances, dates, a little bit of procrastination, and a whole lot of fun.


I’m beyond grateful for my family + for the support they have given me. THANK YOU x 100000000000. I love each and everyone of you more than you can imagine.


(pictured above)

This is one of my best friends, Liv. I’m SO grateful for her, she’s been by my side since elementary school (you know, even if we were “frenemys” in 2nd grade…haha). And even though she outgrew me, I still love her so so much! Lots of love, Liv!

IMG_6759 (1)

(pictured above)

This is another one of my best friends Breanne! I don’t even know where to begin. I’m SO grateful that we have become best friends over this past year. You’ve been an awesome Seminary President + I’ve loved serving on the council with you! Lots of love, Bre!


 (pictured above)

This is my best friend Daela-Kate. I’m just going to start off by saying I LOVE YOU + I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I WOULD HAVE MADE IT THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL WITHOUT YOU. Really though. I have the best of friends. Lots of love, D.K.

FullSizeRender (1)

(pictured above)

And this is my best friend, Andrea (and we didn’t get a picture at graduation, so this picture will have to do…haha). I just met her this year and we just CLICKED. Like, I’ve never met anyone who is so. much. like. me. I kid you not. We’re so much like each other! Zupeaches + lots of love, Drea!

(also pictured above)

This is another one of my best friends, Maisie. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to hang out with her for this last bit of school! She is such a true friend, and is always happy and willing to help anyone around her (thank you, thank you, thank you). Lots of love, Maiz!!!



(pictured above)

To Tiona: I love you more than you will ever know, little sister. I’m going to miss you bunches and bunches when I move off to college. I’m grateful families can be together for eternity, because I don’t know what I would do with out you. Lots of love, Tona.

To Mary + Allison: You two are the greatest. Can I just cry?? I will miss you so much (and hey, this will be you guys next year, so gear up : ) ). Lots and lots of love for both of you, Mary + Allison. (insert hearts)


(pictured above)

Us at the Senior All-Nighter which was SO fun. Love you all, friends!!

This year was DEFINITELY one for the books.


kaylee jo

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