I am pleased to announce that I (*finally*) found a hair product that actually works. And it smells reallyyy good. Confession: It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I actually learned how to make my curly hair look good. Really though. I used to wash out all of the conditioner, not put any product in, AND use a brush. THANK GOODNESS for one of my friends who gave me my “now favorite product”. It works miracles. And no. This post is not sponsored. And yes. All of my opinions are 100% my own. So, to all of you curly-haired girls, this post is for you. A couple things we should acknowledge before we start:

1. Curly hair is not created equally. It seems like everyone has a different type of curly hair + every head of hair reacts differently to different products + routines (I’m sorry if this routine doesn’t work well for you, it’s my favorite way, and PLEASE comment your favorite way below!).

2. The product I use is kind of expensive (not too much, but kind of), BUT. It. Literally. Has. Lasted. Me. Over. Two. Years. You heard me right. TWO YEARS. So it’s COMPLETELY worth it. Like, no questions asked.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: When you take your shower, shampoo normally, however, when you get to the conditioner, only condition your hair from your chin down. Don’t condition any of the hair on your scalp because it. will. get. greasy. And we don’t like grease around here, right? RIGHT. Run your fingers through your hair to untangle it.

Step 2: Leave your conditioner in. (Say whaaaaaaattt???) That’s right, it’ll feel weird when you first start doing it, but it’ll make sense in a moment. That being said, don’t put so much conditioner in that the only way to get it out is by rinsing it. Because we will not be rinsing it. Be wise, my friends.

Step 3: When you get out of the shower, tip your head over and gently scrunch/squeeze your curls with your hands until the majority of the water (+ excess conditioner) is out. Do NOT wring your hair out. Also, if you like to part your hair (like I do), do that before you start scrunching.


| pictured above: my micro-fiber towel, this is supposed to help reduce frizz |

Step 4 (there’re a lot of steps, huh. Whoops.): Take a micro-fiber towel (don’t panic if you don’t have one) OR a regular T-shirt and continue to gently scrunch/squeeze your curls until they’re not *reallyy* wet.



| pictured above: Curvaceous Ringlet by Redken |

(I couldn’t find the blue one? IDK if the green one linked is the same…eek. P.S. I bought the product at a local salon (Bonnie Joseph’s, for my local peeps)), you know… “THE” product we’ve all been waiting for. Really though, I love it. It works. You should try it.

Ok, sorry. Back to the tutorial.

Step 5: Put a small amount of  Curvaceous Ringlet by Redken in the palm of your hand (rub your hands together so you can evenly distribute the product) and gently scrunch it into your hair.

Step 6: If your hair is anything like mine, it takes awhile to dry (I usually do my makeup while I’m waiting..), but continue to scrunch it if it starts to lose some of it’s curly. And…wa-lah! You’re done.

Also, while we’re talking about hair…I also received this product awhile back for my birthday, and truth be told: I haven’t used it a lot, so I haven’t seen a lot of results. BUT. Both products smell really good, so that’s a plus.


| pictured above + below: Curvaceous Curl Dive by Redken |

PAUSE. The link says it was discontinued….(insert crying emoji), but I’m guessing that they just switched over to the green bottles…(???) (*crossing fingers*)


So there you go. That’s my hair tutorial! I hope it works for you! Please feel free to comment your favorite products + routines!!

Also, a big THANK YOU to Laura Calder (my stylist) for helping me learn how to do my own hair + for providing me with many of these instructions : )


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