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*hand wave* hey there. Kaylee Jo at the mic.

So if I didn’t get the message to you on my last post (that you can read here.) that I was wanting to start a business, I’m here to tell you right now that it is in the process of happening. Because what’s the point in having dreams if you don’t have any intention of achieving them? (???) And soooo, the process of HelloKayleeJo Designs is in the works. I’m fortunate enough to have an employer who can help me get business (YAY #happydance). I really am so excited. Part of the reason why I have wanted to start my own business and blog is to be able to be a stay at home mom (you know, in the future) and have some way to help provide income. Plus, I LOVE hand-lettering. And blogging for that matter. Even though it’s really hard sometimes.

Just some news, I’ve started a nannying job (5 kids, 7.5 to newborn. and newborn as in she was born last week. very newborn). All of the kids are adopted and today J (7.5 years) said to L (1.5 years-he has poofy hair) “Hey Lukey, can I dry my hands on your hair?” Haha…BEST line of the day. Nannying definitely keeps me on my feet and going ALL of the time…I’m finally getting a taste of how it is to be the mom around. And wow. My hands are up and in applause for all of you Moms out there. Big thanks. One of the best parts of this job is that I get to hold the baby often. And, you guys. I. love. babies. *heart eyes* I mean, I’m going to school to be a labor + delivery nurse. It’ll be great.

Life honestly has be so busy lately. I feel like my schedule has just become so packed. Which is mostly good because most of it is work (because, to all of you high school-ers + middle school-ers + elementary school-ers, etc. college is reallyyy expensive.). But it really is. Start saving now. Because…ya know…it’ll hit ya in a few years what you should’ve been doing. ; )

Other than that, life’s a little weird without the missionaries here (Elder Kelley + Elder Willets), but I guess I’ll just have to get used to it, because Elder Hansen + Elder Hatch are leaving soon.

Also, a few happy thoughts:

sleepover with Bre + Maiz // watching Iron Man 3 // SARAH GETTING HOME // me getting this business thang kinda figured out // getting a nannying job //


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