It wasn’t until a couple days ago that it finally hit me that I was going to leave my family and hit the road (college) in just a few weeks. And let me tell you (insert laughing face emoji), it’s been a little rough. You see, I’m an over-thinker….and a worrier. Which, sometimes, can come in handy, but most of the time is kind of a nuisance. There are definitely some things that I wish I would have started or done earlier, so this post is for the newbies. The ones that haven’t applied for college, and who maybe (just maybe) feel like they don’t really know what they’re doing when preparing to apply. This post is particularly about applying for BYU. Basically, I’m writing a post of “I wish I had known”s. So. Let’s get down to business (name that movie 😉 ).


1. That if you apply for the Summer semester at BYU (+ still plan to attend school in the fall/winter semesters too) you basically get a head start on rooming (which is HUGE.), + signing up for classes (yes, even in the fall semester). Obviously, this is not meant for everyone. I, for instance, have spent my summer working because of obvious reasons..ha. Ok, now a little crash course on rooming at BYU. Complete your college application ASAP. And when I  say that I mean ASAP ASAP. I believe that the sooner you turn yours in, the sooner your housing date is (not completely sure, but pretty sure). This is really important because housing goes quicker than you can say…anything. Especially at Heritage Halls (which is where I’m living (!!!!)). There are only so many spots available for rooming on campus. If you want to have a roommate, you have to log on to your housing account multiple weeks previous and set them as your preference (you AND your roommate have to do this for each other). And if you have a late housing date + are wanting to room in Heritage Halls, chances are you won’t be able to find a bed for yourself, let alone the person you wanted to room with. See why you should complete your application ASAP? : )

Heritage Halls: normally 3 bedroom (6 roomies), 2 bathrooms, 1 vanity (life-saver), full kitchen, living room. You can cook for yourself or have a meal plan.

Helaman Halls: 2 girls per room. Shared bathrooms with the floor (except I think you have a sink in your room). Meal plan. Obviously I’m no sort of expert with Helaman Halls.

2. Start saving your money now. Cut down on how much you eat out (yes, I know. Chick-fil-A is reallyyy good). Spend your money wisely. And keep track of how much money you have. I thought I was a pretty good saver, but even with my *somewhat OK saving abilities* I have saved up nowhere NEAR enough to go to college. Like, not even enough for a year. Which also means that you should get a job. Which is also why right now I have quite the assortment of jobs.

3. Start applying for those scholarships that your school counselor, parents, teacher, neighbors, and all of their dogs have been telling you to start on. Really though. Please please please listen when I’m telling you that you should start applying, even if you’re in middle school, look up “scholarships for middle school kids” and I’m sure something will come up. You won’t regret it. Also, keep track of your scholarships and print out proof that you’ve applied (even just a screenshot). If you live in Wasatch County, documenting COUNTS. You had better apply for the “20 Scholarships” Scholarship that the community has to offer (I mean, it’s like almost guaranteed that you’ll get money. I got $1,500.).

So, that’s what I’ve got for you. The advice that I wish I had taken. I am by no means an expert about any of this. I’m just living my life + learning, then trying to pass down the knowledge that I wish I had. The good news is that you guys can start NOW. (And I’m talking mainly to the up-coming seniors + anyone in high school) It’s almost the beginning of the school year + it’s never to early to start preparing.

Also hi.

Here’s a picture that reminds us to be happy, because pictures are nice.

Happy days, peeps.


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