So I’m moving in to my apartment at BYU a week from today. (you know, assuming I wrote this on a very late Saturday night instead of a very early Sunday morning. Also note: I’m moving my things down, and actually going down on the 23rd or 24th) And wow. ALL of the emotions. Am I ready to grow up just yet??? (No. No I am not.) Am I excited to start a new chapter in life? (Yes. Yes I am.) Is college going to be great? (I’m counting on it!!) Throughout all of the emotions/questions/anxiety, I have to keep one thing in mind. It will all work out. No matter what. Because it will.

A lot has been going on lately…so here’s a recap.

I’ve been working a lot. (work work work work work work…it’s my theme song..) Work now, have fun later right? BUT make sure to mix some of the fun in when you’re working. Because working + fun= happy days. And happy days are good. Also, just for the record-you get quite a few funny quotes throughout your day (haha).

I’ve been watching the Olympics in my free time (GO USA!!!). Yeah…I really get into the Olympics…like, jump-up-and-down-feeling-anxiety-for-them getting into them. I feel so much pride for my country. I’m so grateful for all of the freedoms which we have. I’m so so so grateful for this country. Also, womens’ gymnastics are my FAVORITE (I also like swimming + track). What’s yours?

I spent the ENTIRE day shopping + running college-related errands with mi madre + mi hermana, Emery. We went to BYU to turn in a scholarship (yay for free $$$!!!), make a change to my schedule, and buy my ROC Pass. After which we made a short stop at IKEA (ha. who are we kidding?? who ever makes a short stop at IKEA? Not us.) for dishware, silverware, glassware, + tupperware. Ok. Can we just talk about IKEA for a moment? I love it. If I were to be given a shopping spree-it might just be there. We ate at the eatery upstairs (I don’t really recommend it..stick to the 75 cent hot dogs downstairs. They taste better. Which is surprising. Given I hardly touch hotdogs ever.) + got some ice cream on the way out. Yum. We ended the day by watching South Pacific with the entire family (minus M who had soccer practice..boo). It was a very productive day.

I got a computer for college (!!!!!!!!!)(thanks mom + dad for the graduation gift!!) so that was handy-dandy.

I’ve been spending a lot of time (on pinterest) trying to figure out how I’m going to cook for one person and WHAT I’m going to cook. Also, I’m trying to eat healthy so the “freshman 15” isn’t in my vocabulary. And if it is, it better be in the opposite direction than intended (hahahaha) 😉 If you have ANY suggestions for recipes, please please comment below, or send your recipes to hellokayleejo@gmail.com. It’s looking like I’m mainly going to be eating salads + pasta at this point.

I *still* haven’t figured out what I’m going to be hanging on my dorm wall. I’m such a planner and usually would know what I would be decorating my wall with by now. I got a package of 7 canvases for Christmas + decided would pick a theme + make them all cute + match-y + stuff. But, it took me too long to decide on anything that would coordinate all of the paintings. Therefore, I realized I was doing nothing with them-so I just started to paint. Whatever I wanted. Be it a cake, abstract art, or something else. So yeah. I have a whole bunch of mismatching canvases laying a few feet from the foot of my bed. But don’t fear-because I will get something figured out.

So there you have it. A snippet from my ever-so-busy-life. Craziness. Happiness. Anticipation. Emotions. All of them.


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