(Just a bit of a catch up from my crazyyy life ; ) )

Wow. I have been downright amazed with mother nature as of lately. I mean, if you’re a Utahan, have you SEEN the clouds lately??? (????) If you haven’t, you missed out. The last couple of days have been my favorite kind of days. Rainy. Cloudy. Fresh air. These days make me feel ALIVE. And while my roomie, Brooke, just received a ski mask from Amazon (she doesn’t like the cold : ) ) + is bundling up to go to school, I’m loving breathing in the fresh air. Wow, I love those rainy days. There’s something about rain, clouds, fresh air, sweaters, pumpkins, harry potter, and soup that make this time + season refreshing, comforting, and warm. The mountains were dusted in snow these past few days. And I’m only slightly biased that we have one of the best views out of all of  the dorms at Heritage Halls. The 4th floor has its perks 😉

Brigham Young University is a thumbs up. No, that doesn’t mean everything is peaches + cream. It hasn’t been easy. I miss my family like CRAZY (even though they’re 30-40 min away). I knew I was going to miss them, but I had no idea how badly. They are my bestest of my best friends. I love them lots (+ lots + lots + lots). But hey, I have great roomies, + a great ward + great friends. It’s nice to know that there are other people in the same boat as you (trying to pay for college, eat, make friends,+ live by themselves).

I’m really excited to see where life takes me! I’ve thought about maybe switching majors, but I have no idea. Being a labor + delivery nurse just seems like SO MUCH FUN. Also, side note. In my Child Development class (tomorrow) we get to watch a child birth, which I’m pretty excited about. I think that type of stuff is fascinating! Also, super grateful for the friends that I’ve already made in my classes.

Life is great, people.


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