So. Yeah.


That’s about all I have to say. (jk, I have much to say…haha….)

Basically, Locks of Love was in the Wilkinson Center at BYU.

And I made an impulsive decision.

You know.

For once in my life.


Sheer Panic.

If you know me (even slightly) you KNOW that I don’t make impulsive decisions. So this was a huge decision. And to be honest, I’ve learned my lesson. (Lesson: I should not make impulsive decisions because then I WILL regret them.) Ha. BUT. I’m still Kaylee Jo Drennan. I’m still me. And because my hair is now short, I’m just going to embrace it (+ buy some keratin or biotin pills, ha.). Hair is just hair. It doesn’t change who you are, or your personality. Plus, it will grow back. (THANK GOODNESS)


kaylee jo

p.s. I literally can’t believe I did this.

p.p.s. I panic just about every time I look at the picture of me on Instagram. Or if I see myself in the mirror. Or reflected on the windows of the Chemistry building.

p.p.p.s. SO excited for my hair to grow up, ’cause I don’t like this.

(down below: CAN YOU SEE THE FEAR IN MY EYES??????? Yeah. I’m ready for my long hair back.)


End of rant.

4 thoughts on “SNIP, SNIP, CHOP”

  • Kaylee, you shouldn’t feel bad at all. You look gorgeous!!!!!!!! Seriously. I love it. Embrace the change and something new and enjoy it while it is growing out. You look so beautiful. Just missing your happy smile :). Love you and miss you!!

    • Thank you, Christie, you’re so sweet. I miss you so so much! Also: definitely going to try to embrace it! Might as well, because the cut has already happened ; ) Love you!

      kaylee jo

  • Kaylee Jo, you look gorgeous with short hair. You are always beautiful, but I really like this look on you. And Locks of Love is an awesome organization. So don’t regret your choice to bless someone else’s life in a very real way.

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