I’ve been a little bit MIA lately…whoops. Ok. THIS PAST WEEK + THE WEEKEND PREVIOUS WERE GREAT. It was Thanksgiving this past week, and we *finally* got a break! BYU is great, but you actually don’t get a Fall or Spring break…so that’s kind of a downer…but it’s ok. Anyways, you can probably guess that everyone in my apartment (myself included) was SO ready for a break. I went up the weekend before to be there for Ephraim + Miles’ birthday dinner. I also got to see Tiona perform in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (pictures below) which was a treat for me. (I also got to see many friends + dear Christie! Which was so exciting!) I then went back to BYU for Monday and Tuesday, then Sarah was gracious enough to give me a ride up Tuesday afternoon. Being with my family was great. Thanksgiving was great. The weekend was great. Things were just great.




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