You guys. COLLEGE IS HARD. The end. Actually, just kidding. (You know, about this being the end of me writing things….the college is hard part is true.) After some thought + consideration, I have decided to move at the end of the semester. Which, you know, is in a couple weeks. (WHICH MEANS FINALS, PEOPLE.) I’ve had a great time with my roomies, but overall, I’m excited for this new adventure! Things are going to be great. Also. Sometimes you just have to acknowledge that having a plan for life is a JOKE. HA. Which is also a problem, because I make a lot of plans. And expect (/extremely hope for) them to happen. Like, every time. I thinkĀ  I’m just starting to realize that I don’t really have a lot of control over my life, and that what I really just need to do is trust in God + in His timing. CLIFF NOTE VERSION: Everything will be ok if we trust in God + try our hardest to do our best.

(deep breaths)


kaylee jo

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