Exciting news:


And I’m really excited.

(and nervous, and scared, and a whole bunch of other feelings.)

So here’s the story. I’ve had a dream of living in Europe for a long time. I lived in the UK when I was little for a little under 2 years, and have just wanted to go back. And believe me, I don’t think this will be the only time I live in Europe. ; ) So basically, I was just trying to figure out a way that I could get over to Europe for cheap (aren’t we all??). Anyways, I had a co-worker last summer who explained how she became an au pair overseas, which got me quite interested. I created a profile on AuPairWorld just to kind of see what it was all about. Then I began looking for potential openings for the summer. (I also looked online for travel nanny jobs, but that was a little sketchy. So I’d suggest going with a program that will get you to a safe family.) I realized that wasn’t going to work out, but then recently began looking for positions in the Fall. In short, the program ended up not working out for me this time around. Cue entrance of RomeAbroad. I recently learned about this program on Instagram, went to the website and thought, why not just apply and see where this gets me. Since then, I got accepted! And yes, I’m pretty excited.


Let’s get down to business.


If you’re anything like me, you’re a little antsy to get out of the country, you don’t want to just visit a place and leave, and you would like to do all of this for little expense. The good news is, there is a way! There are two programs of which I’m familiar with. Like I mentioned above, AuPairWorld and RomeAbroad.

Let’s start out with AuPairWorld. This is where I went to find a nanny/au pair job, mainly because I had someone recommend it to me. When using AuPairWorld, you don’t have to pay to create an account which is really nice. However, you can only communicate with a family if they have upgraded to a premium account, so that can be a little tricky (info from AuPairWorld). The nice thing about AuPairWorld is that you have many different options for where you can go. One thing that I noticed was that there were a ton of host families wanting an au pair from Australia. But, I was wanting to au pair/nanny in Europe (preferably England or Ireland because I would be able to communicate comfortably), and the plane tickets were expensive. But if you have that type of budget, consider looking for families in Australia! Another nice thing about AuPairWorld is that you can browse through different families and apply to the ones that interest you. If you receive messages, you can choose to accept or decline offers. There are a few things that are frustrating with this program, though. Something that I found to be difficult was that many of the families wanted somewhat long-term nannies, which is something I’m not really able to do because I’m attending University. Something else that is frustrating is when you keep on getting ‘no’ as an answer. Or if you just can’t find a family that seems to fit with you in the area that you’d like to be. Do keep in mind, if you try AuPairWorld, it seems a little more formal. You also have to get a Visa some of the time (depending how long you want to stay, etc. there’s more info on the site!), which can potentially be very difficult. You’re going there to be a nanny in return for room + board.

Next up, RomeAbroad. I found out about this program while I was on Instagram! I follow an account that posts flight deals, and they mentioned RomeAbroad! So, like I said above, I applied just for kicks, and ended up getting accepted. Something that I like about RomeAbroad is that it seems like more of a cultural experience. In my opinion, it feels less like a formal job and more personable. (I’m sure there are opportunities like this one on Au Pair world as well!) One thing that I really like about this program is that I feel like there is someone there to help you along the way. It seems like more of a mentored program, which is nice. I’m going through this program right now, but it definitely feels more organized than AuPairWorld. For instance, I’ve already had a telephone interview, completed an online survey, and went to a person-to-person interview (parents are invited, which is nice.). This program is a lot more personable. You can ask questions and they get right back to you. However, there are a few downsides to this program. It only places in Italy as of right now, which is great, but you just don’t have as many options if you’re wanting to live elsewhere in Europe. You have to pay a fee if you decide to use the service, and you don’t get to pick which family you go to. Obviously if the family doesn’t seem to work, I’m sure they can relocate you. (You also skype them before-hand) I’m super excited for the host family I get to live with. They all seem SO nice!

Overall, both of these programs seem pretty great. I guess it all just comes down to the type of experience you’re looking for. These are just my personal opinions on each of the services, so obviously feel free to explore both of the options (and let me know if you find any other programs that you like! I’m sure there are other programs that are great!)

As for a few more things you should expect/be prepared for:

  1. Paying for your own flight + food when you’re out of the house.
  2. Possibly having to obtain a Visa if you’re using AuPairWorld (RomeAbroad only has stays for 8, 10, or 12 weeks which means that you probably won’t have to get a Visa. However, AuPairWorld stays range from 1-24 months. So if you’re staying for awhile, you may need to obtain a Visa.)
  3. Nannying littles. This is what this is. So if you don’t like kids, I would suggest looking for a different way to live abroad. (Not trying to be harsh, just real 🙂 ) There are some families with older kids, so that’s something to keep in mind.

I’m excited for my upcoming adventure + am planning on writing about it on here! Let me know if you have any questions!


Kaylee Jo

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