(Still catching up on posts here. And no, I didn’t write a Week 4.)

To start out, Kortney and I had planned on going to London this week. We were SO excited and had bought tickets to the Broadway “Phantom of the Opera”. Anyhow, to make a long story shorter, a couple weeks previously, we had gotten a notice from the airline we were flying through that they had cancelled our flight home. We were so sad. But we finally found a different flight back home. A few days before we were to leave to London, we were notified that the airline we booked our flight with back home completely went out of business. Kortney and I were both in defeat. Obviously we weren’t supposed to be in London for that weekend. Because WHEN does anyone have an airline cancel, and THEN have an airline straight up go out of business. We decided we should still do something over the weekend and decided to go to Napoli and the Amalfi Coast. We booked an Airbnb + bus and were on our way 🙂 We had an awesome time! That Friday, we shopped and found some of the cutest little presents and gifts! The next day, we went to the Amalfi Coast. YOU GUYS. Seriously, if I were to tell people to come see one place in Italy, it would be the Amalfi Coast. It was absolutely amazing. I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but I’m telling you. GO. We took a bus along the coast on one of the sketchiest rides I’ve ever been on! Haha, I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. I’ve just never ridden so close on the wall of a cliff.

Well, we went back to Napoli (which is infamous for pick-pockets). AND THIS IS WHERE MIRACLES HAPPENED. We stopped for dinner. And then we decided we better take a different route on a busier road to our Airbnb than the one we were used to taking (which definitely had some sketchy streets). Both would be around a 40 min. walk in the dark. We were about 5 minutes away from the train station on a busy road, when I had my phone out looking for directions. You see, I had been really careful with my things. Keeping my purse in front of me, etc. But I didn’t even think about someone attacking us for my phone. Especially on a busy street. We were crossing the road and I didn’t even see the man running at us from the side until I glanced up and saw him coming straight for me. He grabbed my neck with one hand, and the phone with the other. I was totally caught off-guard. I still remember hearing a scream that didn’t even seem like my own, shouting, “Nooo, noooo!”. We were holding onto my phone with such a tight grip that it cracked. I then remember him backing up, and my first thought was that he had a gun or a knife. It’s all a blur. I don’t even remember what he looked like. But I remember leaning against Kortney and breathing in. Which is when I realized she had sprayed her pepper spray. According to Kortney, I said, “Come on Kortney, we’ve got to go,”. She told me that she couldn’t see so I took her hand to help her out of the road. We walked down the street, and people were staring at us. A kind waitress from a restaurant helped us to a table and gave us some water, and called a taxi. We were so blessed to not have gotten hurt or had my phone taken. Anyways, we had quite a few calls within the next few minutes (Kortney’s pepper spray has bluetooth that alerted her parents). You see, there were so many miracles from Heavenly Father in this. We literally had talked through this situation just that day, even to the point that I jokingly said, oh, and if I get pepper spray in my eyes, take my hand and run. Also, Kortney hadn’t been wearing her pepper spray for the majority of this trip, but had decided to this night. We are so grateful that the outcome is how it is, and not how it could have been. We know that Heavenly Father was helping us to be safe. And for that, I am so grateful.


Kaylee Jo

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