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You guys. Nuremberg. (Insert heart eyes)

It seriously was like walking in a fairy tale.

We had a little mishap with not knowing when the airport closed, so we ended up spending the night outside the Ciampino Airport with about 60+ other people. It proved to be quite the night, but we made it through! And we got the best reward too. Seriously, you guys. GERMANY. Backstory: We had originally planned to go to London, but when 2 of our flights fell through, we decided there must be a reason we shouldn’t be there. Anyhow…we ended up getting vouchers for a free flight (YAY), which we used towards Germany. We arrived at our Airbnb (which, by the way, was the cutest thing. It was so clean, and they left us chocolates and stuff. Oh, and also there was the cutest restaurant down the street…but I’ll get to that later…) showered, and then set off to see the city. We toured a castle, ate AMAZING schnitzel, went inside St. Lorenz, and walked around an outdoor market. It was magic.

On Sunday, we went to church, and Kortney ended up making a connection with the Senior Couple missionaries! Turns out, she had babysat for their niece (or something like that, I can’t remember…). They were so sweet, and invited us over for dinner. We had decided to just stay at the airport for that night (we checked to make sure it was open) because our flight left early (and we didn’t want to pay for another night at the Airbnb haha…), but they invited us to stay over, which was SO nice of them. The Sister took us on a little walk around where they lived. Ah, it was so beautiful!

(The dinner we ate at the CUTEST little restaurant down the street from our Airbnb. Definitely would recommend it. Our Airbnb hosts told us it was one of the oldest in the city. We thought it was closed, but ended up knocking on the door (it was like a little house). A little boy answered, and we were just in luck, a table was just opening! It was so lively inside, and it all just seemed like a Holiday feast!)

(St. Lorenz)


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